In addition to my current active projects you can view on the front page, these are some other less recent projects. Some of them are finished or abandoned, others are just on hold until I find the time to work on them again.

For more (yet) undocumented projects visit my GitHub or my GitLab profile.

WoW addon for managing raid groups. Assign roles, instantly invite all members and more.
Discord soundboard bot using a custom client to manage and play sounds. Also includes a web-based version of the client. I am still updating this project from time to time.
Particle-based Simulation of Blood Flow using NVIDIA FleX
My bachelor thesis about simulation of blood flow using NVIDIA FleX.
ShootMania Event Manager
As the predecessor to the Godot Event Manager this tool allowed map builders in ShootMania to customize their maps with triggers, actions et cetera.
ShootMania Infection
The popular Infection game mode ported to Nadeos arcade shooter. Unfortunately the game is nearly dead now so I abandoned the mode.