About me

Hello there! You have stumbled upon the portfolio of Patrick Wuttke, a software developer and game development enthusiast. I started developing software several years ago while I was still in school and have been doing so for about ten years now.

During my free time I already created a multitude of different projects. That includes mods and addons for games I like, some more or less useful scripts and programs and even some small games.

Top Projects

These are some projects I am really happy with and want to show here in order to demonstrate my skills. Many more awesome projects can be found in the project archive.


3D rendering engine using D/Vulkan/NVidia RTX

SSVk is a small 3D rendering engine I started as a hobby project and learning experience to get into Vulkan development (and also the D programming language).

I just started working on it quite recently so there are not too many features yet, but I constantly work on improving it.

It already supports basic ray-traced techniques like shadows, reflection or projection. Much more is planned.

More Information - Source Code


Minecraft Bukkit plugin for easy creation of complex and customizable quests.

Probably the biggest project I created completely on my own to this day. It is a full-fledged questing system for Bukkit I implemented for the server of a friend. About 20,000 lines of code in about 220 Java source files to demonstrate my coding style.

The goal of the project was to create a questing system for our Minecraft server that is easy to use for while also highly customizable. Additionally it also features an easy and clean API for even more customization.

Project Page - Source Code (Base) - Source Code (Addons)

Godot Event Manager

Tool for easy and fast manipulation of game logic.

A pretty new and unfinished project but one of my favourites. It aims to help artists/mappers and programmers to work together.

The goal of this tool is to provide artists with an easy way to integrate game logic and behaviour into their designed maps and programmers with a clean interface to provide said logic. Therefore this tool provides some essentials to implement three different kinds of logic: triggers, conditions and actions. These are used by the programmers to provide the games functionality (e.g. an inventory or a dialogue system) to the artist who later use the tools UI to connect the functionality to the desgined map. More information on how this works can be found on the project homepage.

Project Page


Professional computer-aided design (CAD) software for construction of reducer roll tools.

Professional CAD software used by engineers around the world to design reducer roll tools. My part in this was creating the user interface using Microsoft MFC, GDIplus and OpenGL 4 and many smaller tasks.

The software is used to save material and time when constructing roll tools used for parts like connecting rods or axes for cars. For more information you can visit the project page.

Project Page

Project M.E.R.G.E.

A small top-down shooter featuring the ability to merge with your enemies and control them.

This is my entry to the Godot Game Jam #13 in September 2019 featuring the theme "Merge". It is a simple top-down shooter with a special ability that allows you to merge with your enemies and control them for a limited amount of time. You can read more about the project and also download the source code and binaries on the project page.

The assets have been created by a friend of mine while I did all the coding. Please keep in mind that this has been created from scratch in just a single week of work, so the code quality does not completely keep up to my usual standards :).

Project Page